Curriculum Vitae



Highlights of Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Second Language Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a focus in Language Teaching
  • Currently enrolled in an Instructional Design Certificate program from the University of California, Irvine
  • 10+ years of experience as an ESL/EFL instructor in multiple countries at various levels in all four skills
  • 2 years in educator training (leading training sessions, hiring processes, and mentoring)
  • Demonstrated ability to work with international students and flexibly tailor lesson plans to incorporate students’ diverse interest/learning styles
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Extensive knowledge in ESL/EFL pedagogical theories and the passion to put them into practice
  • Experience in developing a reading program and using an online tool for student assessment
  • Trained and experienced in conducting research and compiling data
  • Highly motivated for continuous professional development and collaboration with members of the community
  • Fully bilingual in English and Japanese in academic/professional setting


Present Certificate in Instructional Design, University of California, Irvine.

2013, M.A. in Second Language Studies, Specializing in Language Teaching, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI

2009, B.A. in Language and Foreign Studies, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

2007-2008, Exchange Student, Santa Clara University, CA

Teaching Experience in English

Apr 2017 – Present : English Discussion Instructor
Rikkyo University, Japan
Improve students’ speaking abilities and discussion skills by providing constructive feedback and student-centered activities. Identifies needs and problems, and develop solutions for students as necessary.

Sep 2014 – Feb 2017: ESL Instructor
Jun 2015 – Feb 2017: Learning Center Advisor
INTO Oregon State University, OR

          • Courses Taught:
            READING, WRITING & GRAMMAR– IEPA 032 (Low-intermediate)
            INTEGRATED- IEPG 013 Media Lab (Mixed levels), IEPA 033 Guided Learning (Low-intermediate)
                • Courses taught:
                  READING & WRITING– IEPG 010 (Beginner), IEPA 030 (Low-intermediate), IEPA 040 (High-intermediate)
                  LISTENING & SPEAKING– IEPG 011 (Beginner), IEPA 031 (Low-intermediate), ALS 151 (Undergraduate-level)
                  GRAMMAR– IEPG 017 (Beginner)
                  INTEGRATED- IEPG 029 Present yourself (Low-intermediate), IEPG 026 Academic English Preparation (Low-intermediate)

Aug 2012 – Aug 2014: ESL Instructor
University of Hawaii English Language Program, HI

                          • Flexibly tailored lesson plans and developed class activities/materials to monitor student’s progress over the course of 8-week terms at one of the two ESL programs at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
                          • Experience in teaching all four skills to students varying from beginner to advanced (12 courses in total)
                          • Courses taught:
                            WRITING– 142W (Beginning), 241W (Low-intermediate), 341W (High-intermediate)
                            READING– 131R/132R (Beginning), 231R/232R (Low-intermediate), 431R/432R (Advanced)
                            LISTENING & SPEAKING– 111LS (Beginning), 263LS (Low-intermediate), 311LS (High-intermediate)
                            INTEGRATED- Intensive EAP program for Kyung Hee University (South Korea), 261M Learning English through movie trailers (Low-intermediate)

Apr 2014 – Jul 2014: ESL Adjunct Instructor
Hawaii Tokai International College, HI

                          • CPE 58 (Reading and Discussion): Prepared ESL students for college-level academic study in the US context. Successfully guided beginner students to an introduction to academic reading skills, vocabulary, and discussion, including preparation for TOEFL Reading Comprehension section.

Jan 2014 – Aug 2015: Program Coordinator and EFL Instructor
Aug 2013: EFL Instructor
Kyoto Women’s University, Kyoto, Japan

                          • Coordinated and led a one-week summer English program with the staff members of Kyoto Women’s University. Attentively responded to discussions on program content and schedules via email. Facilitated instructor meetings from February to prepare for the summer program.
                          • Selected as one of six instructors affiliated with the Hawaii English Language Program of the University of Hawaii at Manoa for two consecutive years. The level of students ranged from beginners to intermediate. Planned a course focusing on speaking and listening, and building students’ confidence towards English language learning. Created lesson plans to build culture capsules on Japanese culture, which resulted in collaborative writing with a partner.
                          • Planned and led additional activities (e.g. Hula through English).

Jun 2013 – Jul 2013: EFL Instructor
Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

                          • Conversational English: A beginning-level topic-based class, which incorporated many daily conversations and discussions. Class activities included student-centered debates, discussions, and pair or group work activities.
                          • Developed a placement test to assess 70 students.

Jun 2012 – Jul 2012: English Instructor
Bilingual FM, Tokyo, Japan

                          • Taught “English Speaking Skills in Business Scenes” to adults. The class focused on building vocabularies and idioms, making presentations, and developing writing skills.

Feb 2012 – Apr 2012: Tutor (volunteering)
Students Helping in Naturalization of Elders (SHINE), HI

                          • Tutored Chinese immigrants of the Honolulu community. Tutoring was focused on the INS exam and conversational English with a group of two to three students.

Nov 2005 – Mar 2009: English Tutor and Lead Teacher
Catal Inc., Tokyo, Japan

                          • Tutored English to Japanese students, ranging from pre-school to high school. Mainly tutored students attending International Schools in Japan, supervised students applying to schools abroad, and taught lessons for English proficiency tests (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and STEP).
                          • Advised new-incoming teachers and participated in monthly meetings with staff employees.

Mar 2008 – Jun 2008: Classroom Assistant
Buscher Middle School, CA

                          • Assisted in a Special Education classroom at a public school in San Jose once a week. Supported students with learning disabilities or who were Hispanic minority students with their schoolwork.

Apr 2005 – Aug 2007: Instructor (volunteering)
Summer Teaching Program (STP) of Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

                          • Responsible for coordinating and organizing the program in Onoda-city, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Responsibilities include arranging housing, overseeing the program’s budget, working with public school teachers in the community, and promoting the program to future students and teachers.
                          • Supervised and provided counseling to group members in teaching.
                          • Taught English to Japanese students attending public schools. The curriculum and materials were developed by the group members.

Teaching Experience in Japanese

Jan 2012 – Present: Japanese Language Assistant (volunteering)
University of Hawaiii Outreach College, HI

                          • Assisted the teachers during class and participated in conversation sessions. Occasionally collaborating with the teachers to develop conversation exercises to do in class.
                          • Highly acknowledged and recognized for organizing Japanese students from HELP to volunteer as conversation partners.

Sep 2007 – Jun 2008: Japanese Peer Educator
Santa Clara University, CA

                          • Assisted Intermediate and Advanced level Japanese courses during class. Organized additional Japanese lessons outside of class as part of enrolled students’ requirement.
                          • Planned and taught Japanese with another peer educator using student centered communicative activities.

Administrative Experience

Jan 2014 – Feb 2014: Curriculum Development Specialist
Central Pacific College, HI

                          • Developed and assisted in curriculum development for the school’s accreditation process. Specialized in developing the curricula for various levels and skills offered at school.

Nov 2011 – May 2013: Language Specialist
Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI

                          • Language specialist for Japanese. Ordered and received books in the East Asia section, mainly from Japan, China, and Korea.

Apr 2009 – Aug 2011: Import and Export Administrator
Plus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

                          • In charge of importing and exporting operations of all regions, specializing in foreign commerce for furniture, carpet, interior design products, lighting, etc.
                          • Accountable for all tasks involving English language within the company.
                          • Responsible as an interpreter for business meetings and translator for documents.




                          • Suzuki, H. (2014, March 25). Extensive Reading as a Resource for Speaking. Master’s Student Forum for TESOL 2014, Portland, OR.
                          • Suzuki, H. (2014, February 15). Triangulating Analysis on Students’ Perceptions towards Extensive Reading. Hawaii TESOL Conference: “Weaving Language and Culture”, Honolulu, HI.
                          •  Suzuki, H. (2013, September 14). Building Self-Efficacy in Speaking through Extensive Reading. World Congress in Extensive Reading, Seoul, Korea.


                          • Suzuki, H. (2013, March 11). Preparing to implement Extensive Reading into your Reading classes. Hawaii English Language Program, Honolulu, HI.


                          • Suzuki, H. (2013, September 26). Building Self-Efficacy in Speaking through Extensive Reading: Student perceptions and the teacher’s role. In a multi-presentation lecture of the Oihana Maikai Fund: Research in Thailand Presentations for the Department of Second Language Studies’ Brown Bag Lecture Series, Honolulu, HI.

Professional Affiliations

                          • TESOL
                          • Hawai’i TESOL
                          • Hawaii Association of Language Teachers (HALT)
                          • Second Language Studies Student Association (SLSSA)
                          • International Student Association (ISA) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Please contact me for the full Curriculum Vitae: suzukiha [at] hawaii [dot] edu


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