You are free to use and adapt these materials for your own purposes (as long as they are non-commercial), but please keep in mind the Creative Common License. I’d love to hear from you if you are using them–what you’re doing with them, how you’ve altered them, and what works/doesn’t work. Please leave comments or email me the feedback!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Feel free to take a look at the selected pieces of materials I developed for the classes

Writing Foundations (Beginners): Fall 2012 (syllabus)

  • How to write an outline (.pdf)
  • Reviewing the writing process (.pdf)
  • Editing practice using students’ mistakes in their paragraphs (.pdf)
  • Advice on how to give peer feedback for writing (.pdf)
  • Peer feedback worksheet (.pdf)
  • Powerpoint slides to raise awareness of common mistakes students were making (.pdfPlease contact me if you would like a powerpoint copy
  • Useful phrases for students to use in self-reflection letters (.pdf)


Reading Development (Low-intermediate): Fall 2013 (syllabus)

  • Handout for Reading Circle orientation (.pdf)
  • Reflection worksheet for Reading Circle leaders (.pdf)
  • Vocabulary list (list pdf) and quiz (quiz pdf) on happiness
  • Vocabulary list (list pdf) and quiz (quiz pdf) on globalization and food
  • Handout for orientation on Extensive Reading (.pdfStudents in this class were actively involved in extensive reading as a part of their assignment
  • Scavenger hunt reading activity (scanning) using the extensive reading handout (.pdf)
  • Guessing meaning from the context (.pdf)


Academic Writing (High-intermediate): Fall 2013 (syllabus)

  • Example assignment #1: paragraph writing (.pdf)
  • Example assignment #2: writing for the school newsletter (.pdf)
  • Example assignment #3: compare and contrast (.pdf)
  • I developed a class website for this course, which I utilized as a platform to communicate with students. Students’ writing pieces for assignment #2 is available on the website.

Rubrics used were from the textbook (Writing Academic English (Oshima & Hogue), 2006.)


Listening and Speaking (High-intermediate): Spring 2014 (syllabus)

  • Vocabulary list (list .pdf) and quiz (quiz .pdf)
  • Example assignment #1: Interviewing and presenting (assignment .pdf) (rubric. pdf)
  • Peer review rubric for presentations (.pdf)
  • Notetaking worksheets while students listen to presentations (.pdf)
  • Example assignment #2: Making listening comprehension handouts (assignment .pdf) (rubric .pdf)
  • I developed a class website for this course. I used this to announce assignments or re-post anything the students listened/watched in class. Students’ assignments from “example assignment #2” is available in the resources page of this website.


Academic Reading (Advanced): Spring 2014 (syllabus)

  • Reading Journal Assignment Rubric (.pdf)
  • Reading Circle Rubric (.pdf)

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