Websites, books, videos etc. that I found useful as a language teacher will be listed on this page soon. I am planning to update this as I find more useful resources. Please be patient as I organize try to organize them! 

As language instructors, I am sure many of you know that we should be careful when selecting materials. I have noted the “preferred” level of students who should be able to listen/read/write using the resource in red font. The “preferred” level is based on my criteria, so I suggest that you check the resources yourself.


  • TED talks: I regularly use this for my higher level classes. Not only are they categorized, but you can also check the playlists which have interesting talks grouped together by individuals. Also, TED-Ed is a great resource for teachers! It has some listening comprehension questions and follow-up discussion questions you can use as reference. (High-intermediate ~ Advanced)


  • Breaking News English: This website has news articles for all levels, ranging from beginning to advanced. It also includes activities students can do OR teachers can use in their classes. (All levels)
  • News in Levels: Another website with news articles based on levels. Each news article has versions in different levels. The highest level has a video clip attached to it, which the student/class can watch after they read the article. (All levels)
  • Stopwatch: I use this website (A LOT!) when I do speed reading with the students. Very clear and easy to use.
  • M-Reader: This is useful for teachers who are implementing extensive reading with graded readers into their classroom. The explanation of M-Reader is on the Extensive Reading Foundation page. (All levels)


  • Free writing prompts: This is an interesting page with a whole bunch of free writing prompts! (High-intermediate ~ Advanced)
  • On plagiarism: Larry Ferlazzo, a high school teacher in California, compiled very useful resources to teach/orient students on plagiarism.


  • Engrade: A free online grade book. It allows you to manage assignments you assign to classes, keep grades and attendance, as well as post grades for students to see online.

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